【Movies】160 Recommended Plot Twist Movies! Western and Japanese movies that are lost if you don’t watch them

My name is Naru
I love movies very much. After becoming a member of society, I often go to the movies on weekends.

 I especially like twisting movies, and I’ve watched 50 movies a year.

 I like the feeling of excitement and excitement, so I’m excited to watch a twisting movie.

 So, I started writing this blog because I want to get excited with someone like me.

 Please take a look to the end and visit the unknown territory of the twisting movie.

 Introducing 160 selections of twisted movies!  Let’s go!


[Caution] The article is created based on the information I obtained in Japan, so there may be some inadequacies. Also, please note that I am not good at English.


1. The Best Offer(2013)

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Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 3.7
Yahoo Japan movies 3.8
映画.com 3.7


A request for a relics appraisal arrives under the art appraiser Virgil, who has a unique talent.

When I visit the mansion, the client does not show any face.

She said to be suffering from a disease called “widespread phobia.”

At first, the appraiser Virgil is furious at the response that does not show her face.

However, she gradually overlaps herself with her client Claire’s personality that has no contact with others.

Virgil asks young restorer Robert to assemble an automaton brought back from Claire’s house.

He will assemble an automaton with Robert, who is the only one who can speak freely.

Claire shouldn’t be in public, but she gradually shows up and talks with Virgil.

The painter Billy, who was not recognized by Virgil for his talent, colludes with Claire and Robert and traps Virgil.

Under Virgil, who retired from work dreaming of a new life with Claire, Claire’s collection of art and his friend Robert had disappeared.

All that remained were the portraits and automata drawn by Billy.

After losing everything, Virgil is vacant in the Elderly Housing with Claire.

Former subordinates bring mail there.

After Virgil finishes reading the mail, he begins to devote himself to rehab.

Virgil has been waiting for Claire at the bar she used to want to go to.


Anyway, it was a movie that was drawn in.

The mystery calls a mystery, and I wonder what will happen.

It became a feeling like.

I think it’s a type of movie that tastes the more you chew, so please enjoy the last surprise!


2. The Game(1998)

Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 3.7
Yahoo japan movies 3.9
映画.com 3.7


After a successful divorce, Nicholas, who had been lonely every day, reunited with his younger brother Conrad on his 48th birthday and received an invitation to play a game from a company called CRS.

Nicholas joins it out of curiosity, but from that point on, strange and mysterious incidents occur one after another.

His life is at stake, and his property and mansion are taken away … A  suspense thriller released by director David Fincher following “Seven”.

An absurd horror and a series of mysteries make the viewer uneasy.


From the middle of the process, this has become a terrible development.

A strong stimulus that suddenly comes every day without stimulus.  Any conspiracy?

The last one is no good, so …

Please take a look at the last of fasinated!


3. 悪魔のエレベーター -Devil’s Elevator-(2009)

Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 3.3
Yahoo japan movies 3.5
映画.com 3.4


A salaryman rushing to his wife who gives birth, a thug on the way home from prison, a middle-aged girl trying to go jogging, and a Gothic Lolita girl trying to commit suicide.

Thesefour people were trapped in the elevator.

Why were the four trapped? 

How can I get out…  Each of the four people who had nothing in common had a secret.


It may be a little-known work, but I think it’s a very nice work.

Misanthropic entertainment that tosses everyone who is watching!

There are four unique characters, and someone is trying to fool someone…  It’s definitely more interesting than you might think, so it’s worth a look.

4. INSIDE MAN(2006)

Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 3.5
Yahoo japan movies 3.4
映画.com 3.4


Four bank robbers, led by Dalton Russell (Clive Owen), have occupied the Manhattan Trust Bank.

Upon receiving the report, NYPD Frazier (Denzel Washington) and Mitchell rush to the scene. 

Frazier was suspected of corruption by the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office after being involved in the loss of a $ 140,000 check in a previously involved drug case. 

For that reason, this case was a chance to repay the stigma. 

Also, at the behest of the bank’s chairman, Arthur Case, one of New York’s leading lawyers, Madeline White (Jodie Foster), will be called in. 

Inside the bank, Daltons had all the hostages wear jumpsuits and masks, dressed the same as they did. 

This makes it impossible to distinguish who is the hostage and who is the criminal. 

The operation command vehicle, led by Inspector Darius, was fully prepared, including a telephone line with the criminal. 

At that time, the old hostage is released, and the criminal sends a message saying, “If a policeman approaches, I will kill two hostages.”  Meanwhile, one hostage is released again, and the request from the criminal becomes clear. 

The board hung on the hostage’s neck said, “Get a jumbo jet and a pilot at Kennedy Airport.

Kill the hostage every hour after 9 pm. The bank has a bomb.” ..  The police set the wiretapping device in the requested pizza box and bring it into the bank.

At that time, Madeline appears on the scene with the mayor, and she intervenes in the case, flickering political-level issues. 

In fact, Madeline received a personal secret from Case about the safe deposit box. 

The incident deepens the turmoil, but Frazier finally succeeds in contacting Dalton.


This work does not have a refreshing feeling at the end.

 In addition, there is a sense of security.

 If you want to know what it is, please check it out.  I highly recommend it.




Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 4.1
Yahoo japan movies 4.0
映画.com 3.9


The theme of the story is “desire” and “money”. 

Three seemingly mediocre and good-looking credit fraudsters (= Confidence Man) set the stage in the glamorous world of various industries such as the financial industry, real estate industry, entertainment industry, etc.

An exciting entertainment comedy that cheats a lot of money from people covered in water. 

In the movie version, a spectacular game will be played over the biggest target in history, set in Hong Kong. 

In a large-scale world, the story unfolds at a dizzying pace, with fierce deceptions that turn around, a series of stunning tricks, disguise outside the standard, and overseas locations.


I watched it at the movie theater the other day.

 It’s a comedy touch, and the story progresses at a good tempo, so it’s a twisting movie that you can easily watch.

 At the end, there is no doubt that it will be “that too” or “defeated”, so I recommend it!




Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 3.3
Yahoo japan movies 3.4
映画.com 3.3


The main story consists of Side-A and Side-B.

The stage is Shizuoka in the late 1980s, when the bubble was at its peak.

Suzuki, a college student who is looking for a job, decides to participate in a joint party at the invitation of his friend.

It’s a place he’s not good at because he’s a good man and has no love experience.

However, he meets a woman named Mayu who is a dental assistant at that seat.

The two meet a fateful encounter and decide to dating.

Suzuki began to pay attention to his hairstyle and clothes in order to become a man who matched Mayu, and it changed little by little.

However, the sweet time between them did not last long.

Suzuki who got a job will be assigned to the head office in Tokyo, and will move to Tokyo with Mayu in Shizuoka.

Still, Suzuki says, “Distance is not an obstacle to their love,” he goes back and forth between Shizuoka and Tokyo when the weekend comes.

However, the encounter with his colleague Miyako, who I met at the Tokyo head office, shakes his heart …


The fact that the production side also issued the above letter shows how confident it is!

Who is the blackest? I hope you can see it while thinking about that ^^


7. The Usual Suspects(1996)


Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 4.0
Yahoo japan movies 4.1
映画.com 3.9


The story begins with the bombing of a smuggler with a large amount of cash and drugs.

The incident resulted in numerous deaths to both the mastermind, a group of five criminals, and members of the smuggling ship Mafia.

Only one scammer named Verbal Kint survived in the group of five criminals.

So police investigator Klein decides to cross-examine him.

He spoke the name of a mysterious person called Kaiser Soze.

Who is Kaiser Soze?


It’s an old movie in 1995, but personally it’s one of the best.

Along the way, it became eh, eh, eh, no way, and at the end it was a development that no one could expect, and it is a work that you can taste his no-mark feeling at all, and it is highly recommended!


8. Perfect Stranger(2007)


Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 3.1
Yahoo japan movies 2.6
映画.com 3.0


Rowena Price, a female reporter, quits the newspaper in response to the pressure crushing the scoop of a member of the Diet who had made a thing in half a year.

Her childhood friend and her best friend Grace asks her to write her article on the scandal of Harrison Hill, an advertising industry tycoon. She reluctantly agrees with Rowena.

However. A few days later, Grace is found dead in the river.

Believing that Grace’s death was Harrison’s slamming, Rowena began her own investigation in partnership with her ex-colleague Miles to get her big scoop, sneaking into Harrison’s company under her pseudonym. To do.

What is the criminal who killed Grace …?


To be honest, I was surprised at the new development that overturned common sense.

Unfortunately, I definitely don’t know the culprit (laughs)

Are you prepared to doubt your eyes (laughs)


9. Now You See Me(2013)


Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 3.7
Yahoo japan movies 3.7
映画.com 3.7


Entertainment crime suspense in which Jesse Eisenberg of “Social Network” plays a super illusionist who succeeds in robbing a bank with vivid tricks.

Co-starring Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman.

Directed by “Transporter” Louis Ruterie.

A team of four super illusionists calling themselves “Four Horsemen” will perform an unprecedented illusion show on the Las Vegas stage, which is watched by a large crowd.

He struck a distant bank in Paris and stole a large sum of 3.2 million euros from the vault.

The FBI and Interpol’s joint investigation team immediately detain them on suspicion of robbery … (Quoted from TSUTAYA online)


You can enjoy the excitement at a very good tempo, so it was fun for everyone ^^

Discover the ultimate trick to achieve your true purpose!


10. The Shawshank Redemption(1995)


Evaluation of Japanese movie evaluation site
Filmarks 4.2
Yahoo japan movies 4.5
映画.com 4.4


In 1947, young bank deputy president Andrew Dufresne “Andy” (Tim Robbins) entered Shawshank Prison for murdering his wife and cheating partner.

At first, Andy was isolated against the prison’s “customs”, but Ellis Boyd Redding “Red” (Morgan Freeman), an old and “procurement clerk” in the prison, told him other prisoners.

I felt something different from that.

Two years after Andy’s arrival, Andy gets a beer for his fellow prisoners as a reward for solving the inheritance problem of Captain Hadley (Clancy Brown). .. With this incident, Andy will be seen by both prison staff and fellow prisoners …


Personally, I think it’s a super masterpiece ^^

The feeling of not giving up overcomes humiliation and suffering and causes a miracle.

And the friendship between men is also moving.

It’s a highly recommended movie, so please take a look!